Sumitronics is one of the leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers in the world with locations in over ten countries. We serve in the consumer electronics, computers, industrial, automotive, communication devices, medical, and other markets.

Sumitronics USA, our North American division, is based in San Diego, California, with the manufacturing plant located conveniently across the border in Tijuana, Mexico. This allows for lower transportation cost, shorter lead time, and easy commute between the U.S. and Mexico. We have one of the largest EMS operations in the Southern California area.

Sumitronics USA Advantages

Geographically Desirable Location
– 10 minutes from US/Mexico Border
– 40 minutes from San Diego Airport
– 2.5 hours from Long Beach, California

World-Class EMS Management
– Fastest Inventory to Supply Chain
– High Speed MRP and Flexible Ordering System
– Strong Parts Procurement and Material Control Capabilities

Environmental Commitment
Our commitment to environment responsibility is reflected by being ISO 14001 certified and receiving the Green Supplier Certification.